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Remington Firearms 1100 Comp 12g 30" Right Hand

Inventory# 1560 Factory Description: The new Model 1100™ Competition Synthetic is super-tuned for the competitive scene. • 30" overbored barrel. • Optimized for 2 ¾" target loads and light field loads. • Nickel-Teflon® finish on receiver and all internal parts for smoother cycling – the most… [more]

Fausti DEA Upland Sporter S/S 12Ga. 30" R.H.

10-0756, 11184 This custom sporting side by side from world famous Fausti has all the upgrades... Casehardened & engraved receiver, upgraded wood, extended forcing cones, choke tubes, and hand filed rib. The stock has a breathtakingly beautiful hand applied oil finish. This is a "catalog grade"… [more]

Blaser F3 Super Trap 12g Unsingle 34" Right Hand

Inventory # 1421 Factory Description: 12-gauge (3") Basic design with plain, black action and gold-colored F3 Logo Thanks to the large adjustment range of the rib, demanding Trap shooters can use the F3 at its full potential Individually adjustable to the requirements of the shooter by lifting or… [more]

Beretta A400 Xcel Sptg. 12g 30" Right Hand

Inventory# 1314 Factory description: The A400 Xcel is a 12-gauge competition shotgun that is faster-cycling, softer-shooting and better balanced than anything else on the market.Built on the revolutionary A400 action, it delivers follow-up shots 36% faster than any other brand, while its advanced… [more]

Caesar Guerini Forum Sporting 12g. 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1680 Factory Description: The Forum Sporting over/under is in a class by itself, a remarkable creation that combines the legendary Italian gunmakers’ craft with technologically advanced manufacturing processes. The best highly skilled craftsmen pour many hours of hand labor and… [more]

Caesar Guerini Syren Tempio Sptg. 12g 30" Right Hand

Inventory# 1299 Factory Description: Gauge 12 Avg. Weight** 7lbs. 15oz Action finish Hand polished coin finish with Invisalloy™ protective finish Stock Finish Hand rubbed oil Checkering 26 lines per inch Recoil Pad Black rubber Chamber 2 3/4" Top Rib Width 10mm to 8mm Tapered Rib Height* 6mm Center… [more]

Caesar Guerini Syren Tempio Trap 30"/32" Unsingle Combo Right Hand

Inventory # 1574 Factory Description. The Syren Tempio Trap was created to be the perfect target shotgun for everyone from beginners up to the top echelon of competitors. To make the gun handle and balance well, we have incorporated a lightweight set of barrels. By keeping extra weight out of the… [more]

Antonio Zoli Z-Sport HR 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory# 10-1104, 11320 The workhorse of the Z Series is the Z Sport which offers all the technical feature and improvements of the new Z line. Clean, essential and simply decorated with chain border, Z Gun logo in gold relief on action sides and back and non-glare stippled top Description coming… [more]

Fabarm XLR5 Gryphon (Limited Edition) 12g. 30" Right Hand

Inventory # 1675 Factory Description: XLR5 Gryphon (Limited Edition) It’s not difficult to stand out in the crowd when you are holding the new XLR5 Gryphon in your hands. The unique Kryptek Typhoon camo, sleek black frame, and blue anodized elements are merely the sheath that yields to the beast… [more]

Fabarm XLR5 Velocity FR 12g. 30" Right Hand

Inventory # 1607 Factory Description and Specifications: The FABARM XLR5 VELOCITY FR is designed as a classic style sporting clays shotgun with a flat rib and traditional shaped stock. The performance however, is anything, but ordinary. The new FR is lighter in weight, swings faster, and has the… [more]

Caesar Guerini Ellipse Curve Sptg. 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory# 1391 Special order Ellipse Curve Sporting 12g 32" Right Hand Factory Description & Specifications: The world’s best shotguns can cost as much as a quarter of a million dollars and take years to make. The engraving alone can account for up to one third of the price. The result is a… [more]

Antonio Zoli Z-Sport Bilanx 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory# 10-0897, 11328 Factory description: ZOLI Z-Sport Sporting Shotgun It took our technical designers and engineers a long time, great passion and total dedication to design our new Z-Line. They knew that nothing could be second class and left to chance in a gun meant for competition. Every… [more]

Caesar Guerini Syren Tempio Trap Combo 12g 30"/32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1612 Factory Description and Specifications: The Syren Tempio Trap is the first and only gun specifically tailored for the female trap shooter. This no compromises competition shotgun puts a premium on performance as well as aesthetics. First and foremost the shotgun needs to fit and… [more]

Fabarm Axis Allsport QRR 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1632 Factory Description: The Axis Allsport is an incredibly versatile shotgun. It is designed for shooters who want one gun that can be configured for various styles and disciplines. Whether you shoot Sporting Clays, FITASC, Skeet or Trap – The Axis Allsport has you covered.… [more]

Browning Citori CX Micro 12g 30" Right Hand

Inventory # 1496 Factory Description: It just makes sense. The crossover shotgun design utilized in the Citori CX Micro make total sense when configuring it as a Micro version . . . a version designed for smaller shooters. You get the performance of a top tier over and under but with special… [more]

Beretta A400 Xcel Multitarget 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1682 New A400 Multitarget at a discounted price!!! The case was slightly damaged during shipping and the barrel has a tiny scratch that is only visible in the perfect light. This gun is 100% other than the scratch. Please look at the pictures. Factory Description The name of the A400… [more]

Caesar Guerini Invictus I Sporting M-SPEC 12g. 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1698 Factory Description: Designed to be durable enough to shoot over one million rounds, Caesar Guerini’s Invictus made a big splash when it was introduced in 2014. Now, the Invictus line has expanded with a high-performance variant designated the M-SPEC. Based off of world class… [more]

Caesar Guerini Invictus V Sporting 12g 32" Adj. Comb Right Hand

Inventory # 1644 Factory Description: In 2014, as a result of our ongoing pursuit to make the most durable Target shotgun possible, we created the Invictus system. This design ushered in the most significant advancement in over-under durability in many years. For 2016 we are introducing the DPS2… [more]

Fabarm L4S Sporting 12g. 30" Right Hand

Inventory # 1700 Factory Description: If you believe a semi-automatic target shotgun should point and balance like a fine double gun with perfect balance and weight distribution, then the L4S is the gun you have been waiting for. The magazine is shortened to a four round capacity to reduce the… [more]

Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory# 1575 Summit Sporting 12g 32" Right Hand with Upgraded Wood! Factory Description: The Summit Sporting is an efficient tool designed to accomplish only one task: breaking targets. Every feature is carefully conceived and executed. The receiver is designed to withstand a lifetime of… [more]

Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Top Single Combo 12g 32"/34" Right Hand

Inventory # 1657 Factory Description: The Summit trap shotgun is our no compromise competition model. It is designed for the shooter who puts a premium on performance. The extensive list of features all work together in unison, reflecting our goal of making you the best shooter you can possibly be.… [more]

PARA USA SSP 1911 Crimson Trace

New in the box Para USA 1911 SSP -.45ACP -Crimson Trace Laser Grip (exclusively made for Para) -Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel -Match Grade Trigger & Hammer -All Black Frame & Slide -Red Highly Visible Front Sight [more]

Fabarm Axis RS 12 Trap Combo 12g 32"/34" Right Hand

Inventory# 10-1373 The New Fabarm Axis Trap is designed to offer all of the leading competition trap gun features at a price that makes it an unbeatable value. Free floating over-and-under barrels, adjustable ribs on all barrels, tapered bores, integrated recoil reducer, adjustable comb and… [more]

Caesar Guerini Invictus I Ascent 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 10-1168 Factory Description: In our ongoing pursuit to make the best Target shotgun possible, Caesar Guerini has created the Invictus. Featuring the greatest advancement in over-under durability in many years – the Invictus System. This revolutionary new system completely changes the… [more]

Fabarm Syren Elos 20g 28" Right Hand

Inventory# 10-1125 Factory description: If you want one shotgun that is as appropriate in the field as it is in the gun club, the Syren Elos is the perfect companion. It’s trim round body action and sleek lines enhance its fast pointing characteristics, while light weight makes it easy to carry… [more]

TriStar Arms TT-15 Double Trap 12ga 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1360 Factory Description: TriStar Arms is proud to introduce its new line of dedicated trap guns. The TT-15 line offers precision, beauty and performance. Available in 4 variations, Top Single, Unsingle, Double Trap and Combo (Unsingle and Double Trap barrels). The TT-15’s are loaded… [more]

Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Combo 32"/34" Unsingle Right Hand

Inventory # 1655 Factory Description: The Summit trap shotgun is our no compromise competition model. It is designed for the shooter who puts a premium on performance. The extensive list of features all work together in unison, reflecting our goal of making you the best shooter you can possibly be.… [more]

Blaser F3 Vantage Custom I 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory# 10-1273 F3 Vantage Custom I Beautiful hand engraved pheasant and duck Grade 6 wood Factory description: The new “F3 Vantage” not only scores with the mechanical perfection found in all Blaser shotgun receivers, it also delivers ideal target awareness due to the hybrid nature of the… [more]

Fabarm XLR5 LR 12g 30" Right Hand Silver

Inventory # 1713 Factory Description: FABARM XLR5 VELOCITY LR Once in a great while something comes along that is so obvious that it makes you say “why didn’t I think of that?” The Velocity LR (Long Rib) concept is exactly that. We asked ourselves why a semi-auto barrel rib starts at the front of… [more]

Blaser F16 Sporting 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory# 1438 F16 Sporting Grade 4 Wood Factory Description -12-gauge (3") -Basic design with plain, "gun metal grey" receiver red coloured F16 logo -Drop 38/50 mm (1.5"/2.0") -Length of pull 375 mm (14¾") incl. rubber recoil pad -Cast 3/6/8 mm (0.12"/0.24"/0.32") -The Balancer system allows the… [more]


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