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Krieghoff K-80 12g 34"/30" Unsingle Combo Right Hand

Inventory # 1761 Manufacturer: Krieghoff Model: K-80 Serial#: 13030 Gauge: 12 Barrel: Unsingle: 34", O/U: 30" Bore: V: .738 , O/U: .730 Choke: Tubes Unsingle: Seminole: M, IM, LF, F, XF Universal Mfg. LM, IM, M, F, XF O/U: Briley S-2 IM, LF Rib: Unsingle: Adjustable vent rib O/U: Fixed vent rib… [more]

Perazzi MX-2000 12g. 31.5" Right Hand

Inventory # 1684 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: MX-2000 Serial#: 1189-- Gauge: 12 Barrel: 31.5" Bore: .735 Choke: Briley S-2 Tubes: IC, SK, LM, M IM, LF, F Rib: Abjustable vent rib Manufactured: LOP: Italy 2000 Butt Pad: Kick-Eez with adjustable butt plate Bore condition: Very good Wood Condition:… [more]

Ljutic Mono Gun One Touch 12g 34" Right Hand

Inventory # 1753 Manufacturer: Ljutic Model: Mono Gun One Touch Serial#: 380_ Gauge: 12 Barrel: 34" Bore: .740 Choke: Tubes .035, .025 Rib: Adjustable "One Touch" rib Manufactured: USA LOP: 14.5" Butt Pad: Kick-Eez Bore condition: Very Good Wood Condition: Very Good Blue Condition: Has some… [more]

Fabarm XLR5 LR 12g 30" Silver Right Hand

Inventory # 1708 Manufacturer: Fabarm Model: XLR5 LR Silver Serial#: FA0254-- Gauge: 12 Barrel: 30" Bore: TRIBORE HP™ Choke: 5 EXIS HP™ Competition Chokes C, IC, M, LF, F Rib: 10.4mm High fixed vent rib Manufactured: Italy LOP: 14.75" Butt Pad: Fabarm rubber recoil pad Bore condition: Very Good… [more]

Winchester Model 12 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1697 Manufacturer: WInchester Model: Model 12 Serial#: 4730-- Gauge: 12 Barrel: 32" Bore: .033 Choke: .037 Rib: Simmons vent rib LOP: 14.5" Butt Pad: Winchester recoil pad Bore condition: Very good Wood Condition: Good with light handling marks Blue Condition: Good Trigger: Pull Case:… [more]

5 Results
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