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Pre-Owned Shotguns

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Fabarm XLR5 Velocity AR 12g 30" Silver Right Hand

Inventory # 1565 Used Fabarm XLR5 AR 12g 30" Right Hand. There are a few handling marks and a ding on the pistol grip (see pics). Factory Description: The NEW FABARM XLR5 VELOCITY is the true definition of speed in motion and mechanics. The XLR5 VELOCITY AR has a revolutionary new adjustable rib… [more]

Fabarm Axis RS12 Sporting 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1076 Manufacturer: Fabarm Model: Axis RS12 Sporting Serial#: E18249 Gauge: 12 Barrel: 32" Ported Bore: Tribore HP Choke: Tubes: S, IC, M, LF, F Rib: Fixed Vent Rib Manufactured: Italy LOP: 14.75" Butt Pad: Fabarm Recoil Pad Bore condition: Very Doog Wood Condition: Very Good Blue… [more]

Fabarm XLR5 LR 12g 30" Silver Left Hand

Book # 1600 Fabarm XLR5 LR 12g, 30" Silver Left Hand Very clean used gun Once in a great while something comes along that is so obvious that it makes you say “why didn’t I think of that?” The Velocity LR (Long Rib) concept is exactly that. We asked ourselves why a semi-auto barrel rib starts at the… [more]

Fabarm ELOS Deluxe 20g 28" Left Hand

Inventory # 1601 20g, 28", 14.5" LOP Factory description: ELOS Deluxe The ELOS Deluxe brings a whole new class of refinement into an affordable price range. The graceful round action is embellished with a contemporary-style game-scene engraving featuring scroll and ribbon accents. Every ELOS Deluxe… [more]

Remington Model 3200 One of 1,000 12g. 30" Right Hand

Inventory # 1629 Manufacturer: Remington Model: 3200 One of 1,000 Serial#: T03__ Gauge: 12 Barrel: 30" bottom barrel ported Bore: .029 Choke: O:.039, U:.032 Rib: Fixed vent rib LOP: 15" Butt Pad: Kick-Eez Bore condition: Very good Wood Condition: Very Good Blue Condition: Good with small freckle… [more]

5 Results
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