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Wired Voice Release

16 Results
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Wireless UPGRADE Kit

Convert your existing wired CVR system to the new wireless system. Everything you need is included in the kit, even the batteries. This kit utilizes your existing stands, mics and power supply. [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems CVR Wired Set with TURBO Mics
$1,570.00 - $1,588.00

The Canterbury Voice Release System "CVR" has a built in human factor which gives you the same pull timing as the best puller you ever shot with. There is a two second "time out" period after the release to give the next shooter time to set up and allow the automatic trap to reset. The CVR requires… [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Wired System Rebuild Kit

Everything you need to rebuild a wired system to "like new" operation. Save $$$ by purchasing kit rather than individual parts! 5 Heavy duty mic cables 5 Black "TURBO MICS" 1 can of Dielectric connector lube $25 certificate for any future repairs in our shop. $645 value for $489 + shipping. Save… [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Turbo Mic - Set of 5

High Performance Mics for your Canterbury Voice Release System Improved human voice range sensitivity Optimum preset gain for eliminating cross calls and insuring on-time pulls Each and every microphone tested and guaranteed Improved fastening bolt for easy adjustment Top of the line components to… [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems CVR Carry Cart

Custom built, Convenient Cart for carrying Canterbury Wired or Wireless Voice Release Systems. Small footprint for easy storage. Heavy duty construction with powder coat finish for years of trouble free service. Drop shipped from manufacturer. [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Deluxe Test Kit

With this handy tool you can test: Mic Cables Microphones Relay Trigger Cord, Switch, and Button Main Cable DELUXE TEST KIT INCLUDES: 1-tester / tone generator (Elenco 50) 1-short microphone jumper cable 1-relay test patch cord 1-microphone test adapter 1-trigger test adapter 1-digital sound level… [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Mic Splitter

Looking to add a mic to your existing CVR trap field for a special game? This Target Shotguns, Inc. Mic Splitter allows you to do so flawlessly without damaging your system. [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Trigger for Wired System

Factory original trigger (pullers controller) for a Canterbury Voice Release Wired System. This unit features replaceable LED power indicator, on/off rocker switch, and target release push button. [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Turbo Mic (one)

A significant improvement in Mic design. Better response, less cross calls. Weather resistant and tough! Turbo Mic w/ 2/yr. guarantee (1) These mics are hand built in our shop to exacting specs. They simply are the best available. • Better response. • Less cross calls. • Tough injection molded… [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Handles

Green powder coated steel handles for CVR uprights. Set of five. [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Main Cable (3-pin)

Main cable (3-pin)- connects the relay unit to the electronic control box, with connectors at either end. USA made copper wire and weather resistant "super flex" rubber casing. Lasts for many years. Better than the original! INV# 16-0001 [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Trigger Case For Wired System

This replacement OEM Trigger case for a wired CVR System is a simple fix for a working trigger with with a cracked case. The "pull" button, on/off switch, and LED assembly snap right into place. [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Weather Cover

Protect your wired CVR from the elements! [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Mic Support Collars

These powder coated steel bands help protect your microphones from breakage due to mishandling, tipping, and wind gusts. This Target Shotguns, Inc exclusive item bolts on using the original hardware in seconds. Set of 5 is only $25 + freight. [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems On/Off Switch for Wired System Trigger

INV# 16-0015 Original ON/OFF for a wired CVR trigger. Please see the "LARGE PICTURE" section on the right of this page. [more]

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Push Button for Wired System Trigger

INV# 16-0014 Original "Push Button" for the "Trigger" assembly of a wired CVR. Please see the "LARGE PICTURE" section on the right of this page. [more]

16 Results
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