Our History

I almost hate to admit I have been shooting clay targets for the better part of fifty years! However, all that shooting can be to your benefit too. How, you ask? Well, part of my obsession with the shooting sports has been the use and evaluation of lots of guns ... shotguns in particular.

I have at one time or another owned or shot almost every brand of shotgun available. Some have been a real treat and some ... well not so much. I have used this information gathered over the years to guide me in purchasing what brands I, as a retailer, sell to you my customer. Obviously I can't sell every brand of shotgun that I feel is worthy, however you can rest assured the ones we have are quality guns which will deliver a long life and the performance you expect from a top notch target shotgun.

Thank you for looking at our products. Please feel free to call me on our toll free line (800-684-6329) if you wish to ask questions or discuss any gun issues you may have.

-Bob Schultz

Staff Bios:

Bob Schultz


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Bob has been involved with the clay target sports since the 1960's when he was a trap boy at the Buffalo Shooting Club and the Tonawanda's Sportsman's Club in western NY state near Buffalo. Setting targets, pulling and scoring for leagues and registered shoots allowed him to shoot and learn to love the sport and the people involved.

Shooting clays then took a back seat in his life for a few years ... the US Air Force and then Niagara University managed to take up a most of the time and money! Bob met Janet, his wife of 36 years at Niagara University where she graduated from the School of Nursing.

Bob has a diverse business background working in sales and sales management in the retail, construction, energy management and sports fields. Target Shotguns, Inc. was started in Florida in 1979 to fill a need for local shooters in the Cocoa Beach area to get reloading components and supplies. Target Shotguns, Inc. has grown since then to be the world's largest distributor of voice activated target release systems.

Bob is an active competitve trap shooter who has won trophies at the State, Zone, Satellite Grand and Grand American levels. He has been AA27AA for many years and has been inducted into the North Carolina Hall of Fame. His other interests are Bible study, fly fishing and boating.

Gary Parker

Manager, Electronics Division


Gary Parker is a native of western North Carolina. He joined Target Shotguns after a long tenure at the Gerber Corporation in Asheville.

Gary has been the "go to" person for technical advice on Canterbury Voice Release systems and Target Mizer II token systems since their inception. He has implemented innovative changes to the electronic and mechanical systems for enhanced reliability and greater customer satisfaction. He is truly committed to our "Value and Service" motto and will go to great lengths to provide our customers with helpful technical information to keep their systems up and running at peak performance levels.

If you have any technical questions about any of our Canterbury products give him a call or email for a quick and helpful reply.


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Tom Fey

Office Manager
Tom is the newest member at TS, having joined the team in May 2016.  He is from Cincinnati and is a graduate of that university.
Tom's professional career involved over 35 years of providing facility and other physical security consulting, special studies,  audits, and project management services to ten U.S. Government agencies, international organizations, and private sector clients.  He retired from the US Marshals Service in 2004.  His duties, as a long-time homeland security practitioner - and member of new building and site renovation projects design teams - involved work in 44 states and other U.S. jurisdictions.  Tom authored trade journal articles and numerous unpublished regulations and security guidelines.
Tom also has more than 12 years’ experience in sales and other customer assistance in three types of retail businesses.  Outside of the office Tom remodels homes and and is active in several church ministries.  For 40 years he has served as a mentor and teacher to students and adults.   

 If you have questions regarding products or services, invoices or your account with Target Shotguns, Tom is the one to ask for!  1-800-684-6329