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Feature Items

Krieghoff Used Stock K-80 Standard Trap

Book # 11774 Used Stock Krieghoff K-80 Standard Trap [more]

Perazzi Used Stock MX-10 or 2000 Trap High Rib Left Hand

Book # 11771 Used Stock for a Perazzi MX-8 or 2000 High Rib Trap Gun with Soft Touch Recoil System [more]

Krieghoff Used Stock Lock KS/KX-5

Book # 11775 Used Stock Lock for a Krieghoff KS/KX-5 [more]

Perazzi Used Stock MX-8

Book # 11772 Used Perazzi MX-8 stock with custom roll-over fixed comb. [more]

Perazzi Used Stock MX-8 Perazzi

Book # 11773 Used Perazzi MX-8 stock [more]

Perazzi Used Stock MX-8 Sporting Set Right Hand

Book # 11776 Used Perazzi MX-8 Sporting Stock Set [more]

Blaser Used Stock Lock F3 Super Trap Right Hand

Book # 11777 Used Stock Lock for a Blaser F3 Super Trap Right Hand [more]

Perazzi Used Stock MX Sporting High Rib Right Hand

Book # 11778 Used Stock for a Perazzi MX High Rib Sporting Gun [more]


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