Blaser Super Sport Carrier Barrel and 20/28/410g Briley Tube Set

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Blaser 12g. 32" Super Sport Carrier Barrel converted by Briley for their Ultimate Ultralite Conversion.

Briley 3 Gauge Fitted Set for 12g Gun (Includes 20ga., 28ga., & 410bore)
Match weight, match balance, straight rifled tubes, includes long forcing cones, 4- screw-in chokes per gauge, red color anodized tubes for top, blue color anodized tubes for bottom.

Americase for Briley Ultimate Ultralight Conversion package, storage for two barrels, Tube set, stock with receiver and accessories.

Notice form Briley
*The maximum amount of inside barrel material is removed in an effort to make the barrel weigh the same as it did before the sub-gauge tube set is installed. This makes the barrel unable to fire 12 ga. shells