Clay Delay Wireless Trap Autopuller Advanced

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Plug in your system where you normally plug in your pull cord (you must supply the connector that fits for your machine/club). With the Autopuller there is no alterations made to the machines. You just unplug the regular pull cord and plug in your Autopuller system. When you are done, just replace the club's pull cord.
On a wired system, plug the Autopuller controller into an extension cord that plugs into the outlet for your regular pull cord. On a wireless system, you plug in the receiver which 'talks' wirelessly to the controller.
Clip the mic on your collar, turn the Autopuller on.
Press the arming button on top to arm microphone.
Call for your target.

The Autopuller will release the target immediately at your call.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each target that you want to launch.

On the Advanced Trap models, you can turn on the Rearm mode by pressing the circle on the front label marked "RA" to avoid pressing the arming button for each target.

Modes Include: Voice, Rearm
Immediate release of the target at your call
Lapel microphone
Belt clip
Low battery indicator
Microphone turns off after each shot to avoid false targets
Mode Memory (remembers mode selection when controller is turned off)
Rearm mode - Microphone will rearm after each shot.

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