MEC Clay Target Machines 500E ATA

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Factory Description:

ATA Carousel 120500EA1
Wobble 120500EW1

The 500E ATA is the commercial grade ATA clay target machine made in the USA and manufactured from heavy duty steel and stainless steel materials. It also includes a built in timer interrupter to randomly stop and start the oscillation motor to prevent the shooter from "reading" the target.

500E ATA

Holds 540 standard targets in an 14 column carousel.
Machine height 36 1/2" when elevated.
Cycle time of 1.5 seconds.
Locking lever and turnbuckle adjustment for elevation.
Oscillates left to right to throw correct ATA angles with adjustment for fine tuning.
Locking lever and turnbuckle adjustment for tilt.
Has a built in timer/interrupter to prevent shooter "reading" the target.
Includes a built in 110v inverter.
Three-year warranty and life-time warranty on main-shaft and one-way bearing.