The Velocity is a new shotgun incorporating a long list of features never before available on semi-automatic shotguns. The most obvious feature is an adjustable point-of-impact rib. This ramp style rib starts at the rear of the action at 11mm wide and tapers to 9mm at the muzzle. The rib elevation is easily adjusted with a small thumb wheel at the muzzle end. Point-of impact is adjustable from a 50/50% to 80/20% pattern without the use of tools.

The Micro Metric™ adjustable stock compliments the adjustable rib, allowing the shooter to fine tune the gun for the perfect fit. Additionally, the stock incorporates a shim system for adjusting drop and cast. Another first is the Velocity’s adjustable trigger for length-of-pull. It is the first adjustable trigger ever to be designed into a semi-automatic shotgun. There is also a standard weight system built into the fore-end cap that allows the shooter to alter the weight up to 5 ½ ounces in 1 ½ ounce increments. These features make the Velocity extremely versatile.

Reliability is critical to competition shooters. To enhance reliability, FABARM’s XLR 5 action has been restricted to accept only 2 ¾” ammunition. This allows the system to be recalibrated to easily handle the lightest target loads. The gas system also utilizes a self-cleaning piston to ensure trouble free performance.

To reduce recoil and increase pattern performance the barrel is designed with a tapered bore called Tribore HP®. The bore diameter at the camber end is overbored to .740” and gradually tapers to .725” at the muzzle end. The Exis HP® choke tubes are 92mm long and utilize a hyperbolic internal design to match the performance of the barrel. Five chokes are included with the Velocity. Additionally, the bolt release and bolt handle are oversized for competition use.

FABARM XLR5 Velocity LR Silver
Once in a great while something comes along that is so obvious that it makes you say “why didn’t I think of that?” The Velocity LR (Long Rib) concept is exactly that. We asked ourselves why a semi-auto barrel rib starts at the front of the receiver, a full 4 ½” further forward than an over-and-under shotgun. Doesn’t that unnecessarily shorten the sighting plane? The answer is yes, but we can do better. The new Velocity LR has an innovative ramp style fixed rib that starts at the back of the receiver giving the shooter the maximum length sighting plane for better target acquisition and tracking. The bottom line is that a better sight picture equals more broken targets.

The Velocity LR combines all of the other ground breaking innovations that have made the XLR5 Velocity so popular last year. FABARM Velocity LR – Moving Forward Faster.

*Release Trigger Group Now Available!  $225 Upgrade or $450 Complete*

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Available in limited quantity:
FA02140 XLR5 Velocity Sptg 12g 30” Semi-Auto Black RH
FA02141 XLR5 Velocity Sptg 12g 30” Semi-Auto Black LH
FA02142 XLR5 Velocity Sptg 12g 30” Semi-Auto Silver RH
FA02143 XLR5 Velocity Sptg 12g 30” Semi-Auto Silver LH
FA02160 XLR5 Velocity Sptg 12g 32” Semi-Auto Black RH
FA02161 XLR5 Velocity Sptg 12g 32” Semi-Auto Black LH
FA02162 XLR5 Velocity Sptg 12g 32” Semi-Auto Silver RH
FA02163 XLR5 Velocity Sptg 12g 32” Semi-Auto Silver LH