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Perazzi MX-8 Special 12g. 32"/34" Top-single Combo Right Hand

Inventory # 1803 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: MX-8 Special Serial#: 975-- Gauge: 12 Barrel: O/U: 32" ported Top-single: 34" Bore: O/U: .726/.730 Top-single: .725 Choke: O/U Briley Tubes: 2-IC, LM, M, IM Top-single Perazzi tubes: 4, 6, 8, 10 Rib: Fixed vent rib Manufactured: Italy 1996 LOP: 14.5"… [more]

Blaser Super Sport Carrier Barrel and 20/28/410g Briley Tube Set

Blaser 12g. 32" Super Sport Carrier Barrel converted by Briley for their Ultimate Ultralite Conversion. Briley 3 Gauge Fitted Set for 12g Gun (Includes 20ga., 28ga., & 410bore) Match weight, match balance, straight rifled tubes, includes long forcing cones, 4- screw-in chokes per gauge, red color… [more]

Krieghoff 12g 34" ACS Unsingle Barrel

ACS Unsingle Barrel Gauge: 12 Length: 34" POI: 70/30-100% Choke: Krieghoff Tube Factory Description: The Unsingle barrel features the same adjustment wheel and POI can range from approximately 70/30 to a full pattern high. Perfect for quickly acquiring the challenging Handicap and Singles… [more]

3 Results
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