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Benelli Super Black Eagle II 12g. 28" Left Hand

Inventory # 1834 Manufacturer: Benelli Model: Super Black Eagle II… [more]

Beretta AL 391 Teknys 12g 30" Right Hand

Inventory # 1854 Manufacturer: Beretta Model: AL 391 Teknys Serial#:… [more]

Blaser F3 Luxus Super Sport 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1850 Manufacturer: Blaser Model: F3 Luxus Super Sport Serial#:… [more]

Blaser Super Sport Luxus 12g 32" Left Hand

Inventory# 1347 Awesome left hand wood up-grade! Factory Description:… [more]

Blaser F3 Luxus Super Trap Combo 12g 32"/34" Unsingle Right Hand

Inventory # 10-1250 Manufacturer: Blaser Model: F3 Luxus Super Trap Combo… [more]

Blaser F3 Super Trap Combo 12g 32"/34" Right Hand

Inventory # 10-1318 Manufacturer: Blaser Model: F3 Super Trap Combo… [more]

Browning BT-99 12g. 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1828 Manufacturer: Browning Model: BT-99 Serial#: 01324ZX1--… [more]

Browning XT Trap Golden Clays 12g 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1888 Manufacturer: Browning Model: XT Trap Golden Clays… [more]

Caesar Guerini Summit Ascent 12g 30" Right Hand

Book # 2000 Manufacturer: Caesar Guerini Model: Summit Ascent Serial#:… [more]

Caesar Guerini Summit Sptg. 20/28g Barrel Set Right Hand

Inventory # 1975 Manufacturer: Caesar Guerini Model: Summit Sporting… [more]

Fabarm Axis RS12 Sporting 12g 332" Right Hand

Book # 1076 Manufacturer: Fabarm Model: Axis RS12 Sporting Serial#: E182--… [more]

Fabarm XLR5 LR 12g 30" Silver Right Hand

Inventory # 1708 Manufacturer: Fabarm Model: XLR5 LR Silver Serial#:… [more]

Fabarm XLR5 VELOCITY LR 12g 30" Silver Right Hand

Book # 1923 Nice used XLR5 with light handling marks Once in a great while… [more]

Fausti Class SL 20g 28" Right Hand

Inventory # 1892 Manufacturer: Fausti Model: Class SL Serial#: FR019--… [more]

Krieghoff Krieghoff K-80 12g 30" Right Hand

Inventory # 1838 Manufacturer: Krieghoff Model: K-80 Serial#: 0709--… [more]

Krieghoff 3200 San Remo 12g. 32" Right Hand

Inventory # 1868 Manufacturer: Krieghoff Model: 3200 San Remo Serial#:… [more]

Krieghoff K-80 Lightweight 12g 30" Right Hand

Inventory # 1829 Manufacturer: Krieghoff Model: K-80 Lightweight Serial#:… [more]

Krieghoff K-80 Trap Combo - Allem roller release - Wennig stock

K-80 Trap Combo Unsingle, manufactured in 2010, with Wennig palmswell… [more]

Krieghoff K-20 Pro Sporter 20g/28g with 410 tubes 32" Right Hand

Book # 1993 Manufacturer: Krieghoff Model: K-20 Pro Sporter Serial#:… [more]

Krieghoff K-80 Plantation Scroll Trap Special Combo

Book # 328 K-80 Plantation Scroll Trap Special Combo One of Kreighoff's… [more]

Ljutic Mono-Gun 12g. 34" Right Hand

Inventory # 1926 Manufacturer: Ljutic Model: Mono-Gun Serial#: 139 Gauge:… [more]

Ljutic Pro 3

Book # 336 Manufacturer: Ljutic Model:Pro 3 Serial#: 30X Gauge: 12 Barrel:… [more]

Ljutic Mono Gun "One Touch" 12g 34" Right Hand

Book # 1945 Manufacturer: Ljutic Model: Mono Gun "One Touch" Serial#: 28-… [more]

Mach-One Trap 12g 33" Right Hand

Inventory # 1625 Manufacturer: Mach-One Model: Trap Serial#: 8_ Gauge: 12… [more]

Perazzi Grand American 88 12, 20, 28 410g 29.5" Right Hand

Book # 1913 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: Grand American 88 Serial#: 714--… [more]

Perazzi Competition Skeet 12g 20/28/410g Tubes 27" Right Hand

Book # 1862 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: Competition Skeet Serial#: 341--… [more]

Perazzi Grand America 1 12g 31.5"/34" Unsingle Combo Right Hand

Inventory # 1628 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: Grand America 1 Serial#:… [more]

Perazzi MX-3 Special Trap Combo - top single

Book #2007. This Perazzi MX3 Special features Ken Eyster barrel work on… [more]

Perazzi MX-15 SB 12g 34" Unsingle Right Hand

Book # 1910 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: MX-15 SB Serial#: 1383-- Gauge:… [more]

Perazzi MX-14 31.5"/34" Unsingle Combo Right Hand

Inventory # 1886 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: MX-14 Serial#: 94991 Gauge:… [more]

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Many shooters, myself included, like to save money by buying a quality pre-owned target shotgun. The operative word here is "quality". I started Target Shotguns Inc. with a simple rule: "If I would not personally own a gun, I won't sell it to a customer." Since 1979 this rule has served my customers and I very well.

Although our inventory of pre-owned guns is small, you can rest assured they are quality guns with no issues. We will email pictures of the guns in detail to you and offer a 3 day inspection period. If for any reason you don't like the gun, we'll refund the cost of the gun immediatly upon return to us. (The good news is we rarely get one back!)

We offer stock work service to our pre-owned customers. If you want a new pad or LOP (length of pull) change or any other stock service we can accomodate you at very reasonable prices.

We pack and ship our guns to your dealer using either UPS or USPS. They are well packed to insure their arrival to you in the same condition they left here. We insure all our guns against damage or loss.

Thanks for looking at our pre-owned guns.


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