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Belgian Blinders Blinders Two Pair
Air flows through and around your glasses and no more fog! They just clip on the bill of your hat. 2 for $13 including freight! We'll adjust your CC charge accordingly.
Carlson's Choke Tube Speed Wrench 12g
The best choke tube wrench on the market! Factory description: Our fastest choke wrench allows you to remove and insert chokes in just seconds. They are easy to operate using only your index finger and thumb. Simply tighten the black thumb knob on end of wrench and the choke can be easily removed or inserted. Works great in the field, on your bench, or in any situation when you need to get your choke tubes out quickly. Lifetime Warranty.?
Caesar Guerini Rubber Soft Comb
This Caesar Guerini Rubber Soft Comb bolts on in place of your original wood comb with ease.
Precision Fit Stocks complete unit w/ tool kit
$1,295.00 - $1,395.00
If you're fed up with your shotgun kicking you around, you have found the solution to your pain! The Precision Fit Stock has been refined and improved over decades to provide shooters with the best fit, and thus most comfort, possible anywhere. The end result is higher scores due to less fatigue and prolonged focus. Using several hundred conical washers stacked inside the main tube, the PFS collapses slightly at each shot, reducing felt recoil by a considerable margin. Length of pull can be set anywhere from 12 3/4" to 16.5" with the provided 1" Kickeez recoil pad. This makes the PFS system ideal for kids, as it allows the gun to grow gradually with? the child—completely eliminating the problem of cut-off stocks and out-grown guns! The optional Ultimate Fit Comb provides a greater range of adjustability over the standard comb, which is particularly useful for full-faced shooters or those simply requiring very non-standard dimensions. The kit includes everything you see in the photo, including tool kit, wrench, owner's manual, and model-specific grip. Please specify your shotgun model from the list below when ordering: •Beretta 680 Series, RH or LH •Blaser F3, RH or LH •Browning 725, RH or LH •Browning BT99, RH or LH •Browning Citori, RH or LH •Caesar Guerini, RH or LH, with or without sideplates (Invictus requires very slight modification to PFS grip) •Kolar, RH or LH (TS model requires modification to PFS grip) •Krieghoff K32 or K80, RH or LH •Krieghoff KSX/KX5, RH or LH •Ljutic Mono/X-Gun, RH only •Perazzi MX-Series with drop-out trigger, RH or LH •Perazzi TM1/TMX, RH only •Silver Seitz, RH only
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