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Canterbury Voice Release Systems CVR Wired Set with TURBO Mics
$1,570.00 - $1,588.00
The Canterbury Voice Release System "CVR" has a built in human factor which gives you the same pull timing as the best puller you ever shot with. There is a two second "time out" period after the release to give the next shooter time to set up and allow the automatic trap to reset. The CVR requires only a 110v outlet. No electrical work necessary. The CVR connects to your trap machine just like a pull cord. The machine turns itself off after 2 minutes of non use and is reactivated using the control button on-off switch. The connections are virtually "idiot proof". If the plug fits, it's in the right socket. All components are weather-proof and will work just fine in the rain and wind. High quality electrical components are used through out. Special circuitry eliminates false calls from background noise, gunfire or calls from other fields. Each microphone is operational all the time. There is no need to sequence or adjust anything if you have a short squad. The microphone stands are powder coated steel and will provide many years of low maintenance service. Unconditional ONE YEAR warranty.
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Wireless UPGRADE Kit
Convert your existing wired CVR system to the new wireless system. Everything you need is included in the kit, even the batteries. This kit utilizes your existing stands, mics and power supply.
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