Parts for Voice Release

Canterbury Voice Release Systems Wired System Rebuild Kit
Everything you need to rebuild a wired system to "like new" operation. Save $$$ by purchasing kit rather than individual parts! 5 Heavy duty mic cables 5 Black "TURBO MICS" 1 can of Dielectric connector lube $25 certificate for any future repairs in our shop. $645 value for $489 + shipping. Save $156 -You can't beat that!
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Control Box
Our official Canterbury control box for wired voice release systems come with a one-year warranty. Don’t be fooled by the knockoffs!
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Trap House Transceiver
Canterbury Voice Release Systems trap house transceiver for wireless systems. This is a factory original replacement component. A mini twist lock plug (male) is required for use with PatTrap machines.
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Wireless Microphone Transmitter
This is an OEM Canterbury Wireless Trap Voice Release Microphone Transmitter. Simply set the frequency, add batteries and press power.
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Wireless Trigger
This is a OEM replacement or spare Canterbury Wireless Trap System Trigger (aka scorekeeper's remote). Simply set the frequency, add batteries and turn it on.
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Aluminum Mic Special (set of 5)
These Aluminum OEM microphones are factory tuned for flawless releases upon calling on both the wired and wireless Canterbury Voice Release Systems. Set of five for $259. A $66 savings. One year limited parts and labor warranty.
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Heavy Duty Mic Cables (set of 5)
SAVE $ when you buy a set! Heavy Duty Microphone Cables .... 65 foot cables, hand built with reinforced cable ends using the finest coaxial microphone wire available. Three to four times more durable than the CVR originals!
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Turbo Mic - Set of 5
High Performance Mics for your Canterbury Voice Release System Improved human voice range sensitivity Optimum preset gain for eliminating cross calls and insuring on-time pulls Each and every microphone tested and guaranteed Improved fastening bolt for easy adjustment Top of the line components to give you years of reliable service Balanced performance designed for use with Canterbury Voice Release Systems Set of 5 One Year "no nonsense" replacement warranty
Canterbury Voice Release Systems Power Supply and Relay Box
$205.00 - $224.00
Canterbury Voice Release Power Supply and Relay Box for both WIRED and WIRELESS systems. This high quality power supply is custom built for all Canterbury VR systems. We can put the "Mini Twist Lock" plug on the unit for you to plug directly into PatTraps and most other commercial machines. We also engineer Power Supply and Relay Boxes for special applications: 12volt (for remote battery applications) 50amp and more… Call for technical assistance and pricing 1-800-684-6329
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