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Pre-Owned Shotguns

Perazzi MX-14 31.5
Inventory # 1886 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: MX-14 Serial#: 94991 Gauge: 12 Barrel: O/U: 31.5" Unsingle: 34" with Wilkinson barrel work Bore: O/U: .724 Unsingle: .740 Choke: O/U: .036/.023 Unsingle: .034 Rib: Fixed Vent Rib Manufactured: Italy LOP: 14.5" Butt Pad: Recoil reduction device and Kick-Eez recoil pad Bore condition: Very Good Wood Condition: Some handling marks, dings and a repaired crack (see pictures) Blue Condition: Good with some scratches Trigger: Pull Case: Warwick aluminum case Notes: Complete Preazzi trigger parts kit Please call 828-693-3833 or email with any questions.
Perazzi MX-3 Special Trap Combo - top single
Book #2007. This Perazzi MX3 Special features Ken Eyster barrel work on all three tubes (see photos). The bottom O/U barrel is threaded for Briley Thin Walls, of which three are included. The Soft Touch recoil management system features a leather-covered comb. Included is the Perazzi maintenance kit, from which one firing pin is missing. The gun has some handling marks and dings in the wood finish, but is in very good condition mechanically. Both barrels are date-coded "AP", which translates to 1986. As you will see in the photos of the top lever position, the locking bolt is very fresh. Everything is contained in the pictured P-B double case. This is a very good value! Make: Perazzi Model: MX3 Special Trap Combo - top single Gauge: 12 Barrel length: 29.5" (O/U), 34" (top single) Screw-in chokes: three Light Mod/.017" Mod/.021" Imp Mod/.027" Bore diameters/constriction: O/U top: .737" (.032" fixed choke constriction) O/U bottom: .737" (screw-in choke tubes) Single: .742" (.032" fixed choke constriction) Length of pull: 14 1/8" Drop at comb: 1 1/8" Drop at heel: 1 1/8" Cast at toe: 1/16" Cast at heel: 3/16"
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