Blaser F16 Sporting Intuition 12g 30" Right Hand

Blaser F16 Sporting Intuition 12g 30" Right Hand
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Inventory # 1737

Factory Description:
Monte Carlo Stock Design:
The higher comb creates a perfect balance for both shoulder and cheek when mounting; Allowing cheek and eye to find the optimum position.
Reduced pitch angle:
Ideal fit of the stock on the shoulder perfectly adapted to the female anatomy
Extra soft recoil pad:
Excellent recoil characteristics
Reduced stock length:
Smooth mounting allows for relaxed should and arm posture
Ergonomically designed pistol grip:
Ideal ergonomics between pistol grip and trigger are designed for a women’s hand.

12-gauge (3")
basic design with plain, "gun metal grey" receiver
red coloured F16 logo

Stock: Drop 1.34"/1.42"/1.97"
Length of pull 13.8" incl. rubber recoil pad
Cast 0.12"/0.24"/0.47"
Pitch 82°

The Balancer system allows the adjustment of the weight distribution to your personal needs. The system consists of two components: the stock balancer and the barrel balancer (barrel weights not included). The stock balancer is a threaded rod that can be equipped with one or three weight cylinders.

Adjustable Trigger
Sights: luminescent red bead
tapered rib from 9.0 mm to 7.5 mm (0.35" to 0.30")