EzPull Trap

EzPull Trap
$1,995.00 - $2,013.00
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EZPull Trap is a wireless, voice activated, clay target release system for Trap. Remote microphone units are mounted on stands in each of the five Trap shooting positions. A system includes a spare 6th unit to be used as a “Puller’s” controller. The remote units communicate with a base station controlling the Trap machine via high speed digital wireless network or with EZPull Target Manager for Target Inventory control.

EZPull Trap System features:

· Remote microphone units operate from two AA batteries providing over 200 rounds of trap from a pair of standard AA alkaline batteries.

· Digital audio signal processing provides good balance between sensitivity to voice and noise rejection.

· Each of the remote units can put the base station in “Pause” or “Play” mode. In Pause mode, the Base Station does not release targets.

· Automatic Power Management – all the remotes wake up automatically when round begins.

· Simple system architecture: no complicated wiring or junction boxes.

· Programmable release delay - 0.15 or 0.05 second from calling “Pull”.