Gunzilla BC-10 Gun Cleaner

Gunzilla BC-10 Gun Cleaner
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Gunzilla™ can be used on everything from small handguns to 16" wide cannons. Gunzilla™ is a one step cleaner designed to clean, lubricate, and protect, all in one formula.

Gunzilla™ removes rust, lead, copper, plastic, carbon and even cleans corrosive ammo. It performs this quickly with a natural-base chemical which is faster, more effective, and safer than water based formulas or petroleum based solvents.

Gunzilla™ can be used on all smokeless and black powder guns, and eliminates the need to use soap and water when cleaning black powder guns. It also eliminates oiling after cleaning. You will find among its benefits:
• Low odor
• No Phenol
• No Teflon
• Non-corrosive
• No ammonia
• Non-flammable
• Airline safe (in checked baggage)
• Natural chemical base (from plants)
• No petroleum solvents
• No hazardous chemicals
• Soap and water cleanup

We welcome everyone to test the effectiveness of Gunzilla™ BC-10 and compare our MSDS sheets with other gun cleaners for safety. Then you will see why Gunzilla™ BC-10 is superior at cleaning, lubricating and protecting guns.