MEC Clay Target Machines 400E Wobble

MEC Clay Target Machines 400E Wobble
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Factory Description:

The 400E Wobble is the commercial sporting clay target machine made in the USA and manufactured from heavy duty steel and stainless steel materials. It also features an upgraded motor and gearbox designed to throw more targets faster and further. This is the machine of choice for clubs who want a machine capable of throwing high volumes of targets in an economical package.

400E Wobble

Holds 400 standard targets.
Throwing distance up to 110 yards.
Cycle time of 1.5 seconds.
Oscillates up and down between 10-50 degrees.
Rotates side to side between 36 degrees minimum up to 80 degrees maximum.
Has a built-in timer/interrupter to prevent shooter "reading" the target.
Weighs 263 lbs.
Three-year warranty and life-time warranty on main-shaft and one-way bearing.