Plasti-Grabber "Worlds Fastest Bore Cleaner!"

Plasti-Grabber "Worlds Fastest Bore Cleaner!"
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Like the name says - it grabs the plastic fowling right out of your barrel! No harsh chemicals or hard work. Wrap the soft stainless steel MESH around the supplied bore brush and work it up and down the barrel with a standard cleaning rod. The special soft stainless steel will not scratch your bores. (I use it on my 2 guns every shoot!) Directions for use supplied with each "Plasti-Grabber".

If you reload and have an issue with plastic in the bores this is the stuff for you. It's important to remove the plastic residue as condensation will form underneath and rust and pit the barrel of your gun. As always a money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product, send it back we'll refund the price of the Plasti-Grabber