Slip 2000 Shotgun Cleaning System

Slip 2000 Shotgun Cleaning System
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Package includes:
1 - Slip 2000 1oz. Gun Lube
1 - Slip 2000 15cc Choke Tube Grease Syringe
1 - Slip 2000 7oz. Choke Tube Cleaner

Manufacturers Description

Specially Formulated Synthetic Lubricant:
Gun Lube is truly an "ALL IN ONE" synthetic lubricant providing complete benefits of a Cleaner, Lubricant, and a Preservative and it is an excellent CLP.

Formulated especially for use on automatic rapid-fire and repetitive shooting firearms black powder, shotguns, rifles and pistols.

Slip 2000 Lubricant contains an exclusive metal treatment designed to control friction, which reduces heat, which eliminates excessive wear. It penetrates the micropores of the metal surfaces bonding itself to the metal allowing lubrication from within the metal itself.
Slip 2000 Synthetic Grease is our Extreme Weapons Lubricant turned into a light grease.

(EWG) Extreme Weapons Grease offers extreme pressure properties that are guaranteed to reduce friction and wear on those extreme weapons. This product contains a proprietary Anti-wear package that is easy to use and long lasting. Will not attract dust, dirt or powder fouling like most petroleum based products.

Excellent for use on all semi-auto and full auto locking lugs, sears, bolts and slides/rails. Smooth clean operation in the extreme cold -100°F and will hold up under the extreme heat +750°F as well.

Does not contain Teflon or PTFE additives.

Choke Tube Cleaner:
Designed for cleaning shotguns. Removes carbon and plastic wad fouling from barrels and choke tubes.

Slip 2000 Choke Tube Cleaner was designed with your health and safety in mind. Unlike other products, this product is non-flammable, non-hazardous and it is biodegradable. Choke Tube Cleaner provides you with a safe effective way to clean carbon and plastic wad fouling from choke tubes and all those Semi automatic shotguns gas system parts