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Butler Guns Butler Guns NEW Butler trap gun - wood upgrade

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Let me start by saying that nothing else out there has a shell catcher that holds multiple fired hulls! Oh, and works every single time. As for shooting comfort, this gun's recoil is silly-soft. It's literally the softest-shooting trap gun I've ever shot!

OK Steven, what are you on about? It's just a shell catcher.

It is just a shell catcher, but here's the thing: if a non-vital accessory like the shell catcher is this well thought-out, you know the rest of the gun is too! 

Here's the long and short of it: the Butler gun is engineered to combine the soft recoil and intuitive pointability of an autoloader, with the high adjustable rib and empty hull management of a break-open gun. It really is the best of both! This means maximum comfort and convenience, all with better scores because your mind will stay on the clay—not recoil.


That's fine and all, but I can outrun the trigger on most autoloaders. How is Butler different?

Butler is different because the second shell sits immediately atop the bolt, which means you will never cycle the trigger faster than the Butler loads the second shell. 


How do I load the chamber? It looks awkward to load just one shell into the gun.

Actually, you can load one shell directly to the chamber without even looking at the gun. With the bolt locked back, simply place the shell into the top port and the gun does the rest automatically. It's literally that simple.


Why should I think about spending $9,000 on an autoloader?

Because the Butler is the only autoloader purpose-designed and built for the competitive clays shooter. It is made to outlast and outperform every other autoloader on the planet. Also consider that the Butler costs half that of a premium O/U trap combo set. With the Butler, all you need is one barrel to shoot everything. Half the barrels and even less recoil!

Make: Butler
Model: Trap
Gauge: 12
Stock configuration: trap style/fancy claro walnut
POI: adjustable 50/50 to 100%
Trigger: pull or release, both adjustable for LOP
Barrel length: 30" (same as a conventional 34" unsingle)
Hand: both RH and LH available (LH gun features LH loading port)
LOP: 14 3/4"
Drop at comb: 1 9/16"
Drop at Monte Carlo: 1 1/2"
Drop at heel: 3"
Choke style: threaded for Briley S-54 Thinwall choke tubes
Choke tubes included: two
Accessories: HiViz light pipes, dummy shell x2, barrel nut wrench, choke wrench, comb wrench, gun lock, comb spacers, shell catcher ($125.00 extra)
Case: lockable, powder coated aluminum Kalispell Case Line

Price: $9000.00

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