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Caesar Guerini

Caesar Guerini Summit Trap compact combo - RH - new

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If you're a lady or smaller-statured man, you're probably at your wits' end with guns that not only don't fit but beat you up to boot. Shotgunning should not feel like a boxing match! Enter the Summit Trap Compact, which has the same stock dimensions as the Syren Tempio Trap gun. The dimensional changes from the standard fullsize stock are as follows:

-shorter length of pull
-tighter grip radius
-smaller grip/wrist diameter
-increased offset in the comb
-increased cast-off
-increased toe-out
-increased pitch

Although designed from scratch as a stock for ladies of approximately 5'6" to 5'8", the Syren/Compact stock often works quite well for similar-statured men—particularly larger-chested individuals. You don't wear size 13 boots, so why should you shoot an oversized shotgun? Give us a call at 828-693-3833, ask for Bob or Steven, and we will answer all your questions and set you up with a gun that actually fits!

Length of pull: 
Drop at comb: 1.37" Adjustable
Drop at Monte Carlo: 1.6"
Drop at heel: 2.5"
Cast at heel: 0.25"
Cast at toe: 0.5"
Pitch: 7°

Barrel Length: 32"/30"
Receiver finish: Hand polished coin finish with Invisalloy™ protective finish
Stock: Monte Carlo with DTS 4 way adjustable comb
Chamber: 2.75"
Top Rib: Unsingle DTS adjustable from 50/50 to 120; O/U DTS adjustable from 50/50 to 90/10
Rib Height: 25mm (adjustable)
Forcing Cones: 5" Long "DuoCon"
Average Bore: .735, "MAXIS" bore, chrome lined
Chokes: 5 “MAXIS” competition chokes, LM, M, IM, LF, and Full
Signt(s): White Bradley style front, Silver center bead
Trigger: Factory selective release triggers available in single and double release
Safety: Manual, non-selective as standard
Accessories: Stock and trigger wrench, choke case, friction choke wrench
Case: Plastic hard case with fit interior and velvet stock sleeve and barrel sleeve  

Price: Call for pricing

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