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Zoli Zoli Z-Trap combo - RH

Product Code : 420


If you are looking for a pristine, like-new gun that was shot once and put away, this is NOT your gun. It has some dents in the stock finish. The receiver plating is worn away on one corner. The barrel hood/chamber area (left side) has some weird dents, superficial only. This gun is not cosmetically perfect. It really looks to have been handled more than it was shot.

This gun has depreciated in price because of the cosmetic issues, all while being in excellent mechanical condition. If you're looking for a trap combo that will perform at the highest level and save you money, all while at the same time you are unafraid to actually shoot it, this is a great gun to consider. This gun has the second generation rib, which is simpler and easier to adjust than the current dual-pivot version. The buttstock has the correct trap-specific-height comb, which the first version did not have (with their awkwardly tall comb posts). Included are the Bilanx weight system in the grip, and the magnetic barrel weight system mounted beneath the forearm.

All in all, you will have a very difficult time in finding a gun with the Zoli's refinements and technology at this price point.

Make: Zoli
Model: Z-Trap combo
Hand: right
Gauge: 12 ga, 3" chambers
Barrel length: 34" unsingle, 32" O/U
LOP: 14.5"
Comb: adjustable
Factory chokes: LM, M x2, IM x3, F x2
Briley chokes: M, IM, F, XF
Accessories: choke wrench/barrel thread cleaner, comb wrench, rib wrench, dropout trigger wrench, Bilanx wrench and weights, barrel weights, stock wrench, stock and barrel sleeves, factory paperwork
Case: factory Zoli-branded case by Negrini

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