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Marcello Giuliani comes from the Brescia region of Italy. The Val Trompia region has been world renown for high quality firearms for generations. Companies like Perazzi, Caesar Guerini, Beretta, Benelli and more are located there. Marcello's family has been part of the gun industry there for many years. Giuliani triggers are made from the finest steel available for long term reliability and durability. They are extremely precise replacements for Perazzi triggers and provide a substantial savings over the factory models. 

We are proud to carry a full line of pull and release triggers from Giuliani. Each one is tested for quality and correct pull weight before it leaves the factory. 

Marcello also manufactures a line of Perazzi parts for the MX and TM series shotguns. These are, for the most part, easily replaced in your shotgun. Items like locking blocks and ejectors are best left to a competant gunsmith for installation. Please contact us if you have questions regarding any part for your Perazzi or if you have a special request for a trigger group.