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Guest post: Blaser F3 locking surface angle, 12° vs 7° — everything you need to know!

Hello, everyone. I'm Steven Rademacher, the General Manager of Target Shotguns, Inc. As one of the leading American Blaser dealers, we have encountered much confusion and partial information regarding the two different generations of Blaser F3 barrels and receivers. In the interst of clarifiying this topic for everyone, here is a distilled cheat sheet for F3 owners to determine what they have and what they can do with it: The old style is 7 degrees. If your receiver’s serial number starts with prefix J, it left the factory with a 7-degree locking bolt; however, it may or may not have been updated with the new style 12-degree locking bolt during the intervening years. Old receivers generally left the factory in a concrete gray color, b...  Read More

Guest post: youth PFS shooter Ethan Ballentine

By Caleb Revill10-year-old Ethan Ballentine stares up the sightless barrel of his Browning Citori Feather 725 shotgun. While he aims carefully, he advances his gaze to a soaring clay pigeon. Like clockwork, Ethan’s body pivots and follows the bright orange disc as it glides across the sky. His posture is forward, his aim is steady and his timing is perfect as he squeezes the trigger and the target explodes.While this process has been routine for Ethan’s practice, this time things are different. Ethan just performed the unthinkable by achieving a perfect 100 straight in a formal skeet shooting competition -and he may have just broken a world record by being the youngest person to do so.World record or not, nailing all 100 fl...  Read More

Winter PSA

Maintain your equipment! Old Man Winter will devour your voice release equipment if stored improperly. Come springtime, we routinely repair loads of voice release equipment damaged from improper winter storage. Why dent the club's bank account if you don't have to? Follow these easy steps to prevent wasting money on springtime repairs:           • Store all equipment in a dry place          • Remove batteries from wireless systems          • Apply dielectric grease to electric connections          • Store cables away from rodentsYour equipment stands a much better chance of surviving the winter in operational condition if you follow the the above steps. As always, feel free to call us with any questions: 828-693-3833. —Bob  Read More

The Falconstrike recoil pad — NOT just another pad!

After 43 years in the firearms business, one tends to be jaded concerning the claims surrounding new products. Most of these “new” products are like laundry detergent—last year’s soap in next year’s shiny box!  But, every now and then a product comes along that really has that WOW factor! Now let's face it...we've all seen a million different recoil pads that work the same way and do basically the same thing. At best, they absorb some recoil and keep the stock better planted in your shoulder pocket. At worst, certain pads have the ergonomics and hardness of a rock! However, I discovered something truly different at the 2022 Grand American Trap Championships. That something is the Falconstrike recoil pad. Borrowing principles and technol...  Read More

SANDRA JO JACK on recoil pads! Good info you need to see!

12/03/2021  Read More

Poor reactions to missed targets and their effect on you!

Wrong reactions to missed targets.   Watching the targets of the squads ahead of me during a shoot allows me to see how the targets are set and the if the angles are correct. While doing this I also get to see some of the interesting reactions of the shooter’s when they miss a target! Some of them are down right funny and others are, at the very least, unproductive.   They include:   Flipping the head back and bending the knees. Looking around to see if anyone saw the miss. Throwing the offending empty shell on the ground. Cursing in anger…usually with a head-bob.   All of these are amusing…but the net result of this is more missed targets. These types of actions will affect your attitude and concentration for the worse! A...  Read More

All American Sandra Jo Jack posts a video. Insights and tips from a 2 time World Champion!

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Sandra Jo Jack, 1st Team All American cleans up at the Autumn Grand!

1st Team All American, Sandra Jo Jack, Won a truckload of tropies at the Autumn Grand in Tucson. Sandra Jo is sponsored by Target Shotguns Inc., Precision Fit Stocks and NobleSport Ammunition. She has certainly done us proud again by winning the sSingles Championship in L-2, and the L-2 HoA and HAA...not to mention a bunch of event trophies along the way! Congratulations from all of us! Check out Sandy's blogs and videos on this site as well as #kolar shotguns #noblesportammo  Read More

Sandra Jo Jack - All American: thoughts on TROPHIES and accepting them...

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Conviction in your shooting fundamentals is the key to success in tournaments! At the risk of rehashing the old tome about the basics I'm going to muse a bit about one of the most overlooked and necessary ingredients critical for winning and/or performing well in the shotgun sports. Whether it's trap, skeet, sporting clays or any of the international clay target games, having complete confidence in your basic fundamentals is so very important and cannot be overlooked or over stressed.  If your conviction about the strength of your shooting fundamentals is not 100% you run the risk of doubt and fear. These are the killers of good scores and winning trophies. Its the reason so many professional athletes work so hard on the basics. Co...  Read More

Sandra Jo Jack - All American! One eye shooter hold points

Here are some great pointers from an All-American Shooter!  Read More

Sandra Jo Jack - All American has some thoughts on being inspired during the coronavirus shut down...

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All-American,Sandra Jo Jack and what to do during the coronavirus01

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Sandra Jo Jack - All American! Foot position for trap doubles!

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All-American,Sandra Jo Jack ... A post for the ladies!

Ladies, I would like to share my advice on getting started in the great sport called Trapshooting. We, as women, have all of the talent and passion, yes, I said passion. Passion I feel is a descriptive way for me to say this because without passion we would not have the drive and perserverance that goes with being the best at what we do. I have a lots of passion or I would not be writing this blog to you. My passion for Trapshooting is the reason I am a currentWorld Champion LadyII Amateur Trapshooting Association Shooter. I truly enjoy taking the time to teach others, men or women, what I have learned or taught myself to achieve their own best results. First… listen to advice...but the right advice!My late father coached me at the ...  Read More

A Christmas wish for you from Sandra Jo (Sandy) Jack. 5 Time All-American!

We are so proud of Sandra Jo Jack, Not only on the 2109 All American Team, but was recently notified she will be inducted to the Wisconsin Trapshooting Hall of Fame this year at the State Shoot. Check out her Christmas message of "Friendship" below. Thanks for watching!  Read More

Sandra Jo Jack - All American! Time...It's what you make of it!

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Sandra Jo Jack "Get up off the couch and exercise!!

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All-American,Sandra Jo Jack on how you feel when you go to shoot competition trap.

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Sandra Jo Jack from the deer stand on safety!

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Sandra Jo Jack on pre-shot routine video

Click here to go to video We are very fortunate to have Sandy (Sandra Jo Jack) join our staff. An All-American and World Champion shooter, she is currently making a series of video blogs for you, our customers and friends, to help you with your trap shooting adventure. We'll get them published as soon as they are ready. I know you will enjoy Sandy's relaxed style and her approach to the game. Check back every now and then for updates and new videos! Bob Schultz  Read More

A personal note and introduction to my friend and Lady All-American Shooter, Sandra Jo (Sandy) Jack.

About four years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to Sandra Jo Jack. We met as squad mates at the Missouri Fall Handicap in Linn Creek Missouri. My shooting buddies and I were looking to fill a post on our squad and a mutual friend said Sandy was looking for a spot to shoot and was a good shooter. Little did I know she was really good! We shot together for a couple days until she rejoined her regular squad. (She beat me at the singles both days.) We met again a year or so later at Sparta Illinois, at the World Recreational Shooting Complex, and found we had a lot of shooting friends in common. Sandy was and still is a Kolar Team shooter, so was busy with Kolar at the Grand American and of course shooting winning scores at the t...  Read More

Dumbo's Magic Feather and other fairy tales...

Dumbo's Magic Feather and other fairy tales... As a specialty gun dealer I get to listen to a lot of interesting reasons to purchase a new target shotgun. Some...,few...,are willing to admit they just want a new toy. Others have had the old gun for so long its starting to have some reliability issues so rather than spend a ton of money on a rebuild they buy new. On the rare ocaision I change shotguns, I try and change when I'm shooting really well...the logic is I can determine if the new gun will perform equal to or better than the old one. Unfortunately, many shooters look for a new gun when they are in a significant slump.(That means shooting well below their normal scores, consistently.)  Although it might make you feel better p...  Read More

Break the target with your eyes!

Break the target with your eyes!   I was working with a student the other day and he was having issues with repeating a practice target after breaking it a couple of times. He would learn the lead and do it right 3 or 4 times then miss it once or twice... OK, we have all done it but the question is why? It took me a while observing my student when I finally noticed the difference. The intensity of his eyes changed dramatically once he felt he had the target presentation mastered. In other words he got lazy. It's hard sometimes to concentrate on practice targets...especially after you have broken it 3 or 4 times in a row. Your mind wanders a bit and your intensity level falls off and you end up missing.  Missing in itself is not the ...  Read More


RECOIL...YOUR ENEMY #1 After two weeks of sitting in our new display trailer just off the shooting line at the Southern Grand and the Florida state shoot, I was amazed at how many shooters were getting pounded by their shotguns. Their shoulders and heads were snapping back due to recoil....ouch! Today's shotgun games (trap,skeet and sporting clays) should not inflict pain and suffering!  Individual shots don't matter much, however like a boxer getting hit with little jab punches, the cumulative effect can be devastating to the shooter over a 100 or 200 target event. Sooner or later a gun that hurts you will begin to negatively effect your scores.  OK, how do you solve the problem? There are a couple of interesting solutions that I...  Read More