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  • EzPull Skeet Voice Release
    $775.00 - $811.00

    EZPull Skeet/Sporting wireless remote is a small (4.5” x 3”) ergonomically designed, hand held target controller. The controllers offer short release delay - targets are… [more]

  • Blaser F3 Vantage Custom I 12g 32" Right Hand

    Inventory# 10-1273 F3 Vantage Custom I Beautiful hand engraved pheasant and duck Grade 6 wood Factory description: The new “F3 Vantage” not only scores with the… [more]

  • Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun

    300 foot* range and Amazing Performance at an unheard of price! The next-generation Stalker Sport 2 is the powerful, and easy to use target setting solution. Quickly and… [more]

  • Plasti-Grabber "Worlds Fastest Bore Cleaner!"

    Like the name says - it grabs the plastic fowling right out of your barrel! No harsh chemicals or hard work. Wrap the soft stainless steel MESH around the supplied bore… [more]

  • Fabarm Axis Trap Unsingle 12Ga. 34" R.H.

    Inventory# 10-0691, 11270 What if someone could create a world class trap shotgun at one third of the price of current offerings? It would have to have adjustable ribs… [more]

  • Clay Delay Wireless Trap Autopuller Advanced
    $339.00 - $354.00

    Plug in your system where you normally plug in your pull cord (you must supply the connector that fits for your machine/club). With the Autopuller there is no… [more]

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