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  • Precision Adjustable Comb Washers

    Easy to use COLOR CODED washers. Assemble the stack of colors you need for comb elevation, make both stacks the same and you're done. No more guessing about thickness… [more]

  • Gunzilla BC-10 Gun Cleaner
    $6.95 - $24.95

    Gunzilla™ can be used on everything from small handguns to 16" wide cannons. Gunzilla™ is a one step cleaner designed to clean, lubricate, and protect, all in one… [more]

  • Clay Delay Wireless Skeet Autopuller Deluxe
    $369.00 - $384.00

    Plug in your system where you normally plug in your pull cord (you must supply the connector that fits for your machine/club) With the Autopuller there is no alterations… [more]

  • Fabarm Syren XLR5 12g. 28" Right Hand

    Inventory# 10-1202 Gauge 12 Gauge Operation Stainless Steel Piston, gas operated Barrel TRIBORE HP™ Barrel Length 28" Chamber 2.75" Chokes 5 EXIS HP™ Competition Choke… [more]

  • Perazzi MX-15 12g 34" Right Hand

    Inventory # 10-1291 Manufacturer: Perazzi Model: MX-15 Serial#: 1157XX Gauge: 12 Barrel: 34" ported Bore: .745 Choke:Wright's Invector + 4, 5, 7, 10 Rib: Adjustable POI… [more]

  • Antonio Zoli Z-Sport Bilanx 12g 32" Right Hand

    Inventory# 10-0897, 11328 -Beautiful offset comb Monte Carlo stock -BHB Precision Balancing System -Boss Locking System [more]

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Bob's Blog

How to run a National Championship:...

To digress from the saga of the Fabarm combo, I thought you might like some impressions from the Sporting Clays Nationals in San Antonio.

David, our IT Manager and I went to San Antonio to  attend the NSCA Nationals.  Talk about an impressive shoot! Over 2300 registrants during the week long event, shooting Sporting Clays, FITASC, 5 Stand, Sub-gauge events and special gun events!  Non stop action from 7:30 am. until 6:00pm. every day!

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