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All-American,Sandra Jo Jack ... A post for the ladies!


Ladies, I would like to share my advice on getting started in the great sport called Trapshooting. We, as women, have all of the talent and passion, yes, I said passion. Passion I feel is a descriptive way for me to say this because without passion we would not have the drive and perserverance that goes with being the best at what we do. I have a lots of passion or I would not be writing this blog to you. My passion for Trapshooting is the reason I am a current
World Champion LadyII Amateur Trapshooting Association Shooter. I truly enjoy taking the time to teach others, men or women, what I have learned or taught myself to achieve their own best results.

First… listen to advice...but the right advice!
My late father coached me at the beginning of my shooting career and he was very tough on me. However, later on I also took the time to listen to one other person, John Brackett. If you get too much advice then it is too overwhelming for your mind to retain the right information. This person will work with you, not what they do, but what they know.

Second…… Gun fit may be the most important step! Have you ever had someone hand you a shotgun and say, here this will fit you, now go out
and shoot it? That would be like saying to you, "Here is a random pile of clothes I picked off the rack for you, now get dressed and go out!"... LOL ...not going to happen. Be aware there are professionals who know how to fit a shotgun correctly to your body. Having a adjustable comb and butt pad will help with the fitting properly to your body shape. Being able to adjust the length of the stock is very important. Recoil is reduced with a properly fitted shotgun.

Third….. shooting heavy loads
Ouch, but can you please punch me again?! Like the jab punch in boxing, they add up to weaken the fighter just like recoil pain will eventually get to your shooting, your mind will begin to subconsiously avoid the pain by coming out of the gun (lifting your head off the stock)…….I don’t like the constant pain. When that pain sets in we should not repeat it. Recoil can be limited by shooting lighter loads. Example,I shoot FIOCCHI SHOOTING DYNAMICS 2 3/4
dram 1165 for singles and handicap. Doubles - 1 oz first shot and 1 1/8 on second shot. there is also a product called the Precision Fit Stock which can help absorb recoil and fit you to your shotgun perfectly! You can google them on the internet.

Fourth….. we don’t need to be at a fashion show to shoot!
Sure, I like to look good when on the trap line. I just know that I still need to be safe. Wearing high heels, hanging jewelry, bras that have the metal slide in front, hair down (I don’t have to worry about that, my short hair only needs bobby pins for my bangs). Those are just some of the fashion Not to do’s.

Fifth….And most important shoot trap because you want to shoot!
Over the years I have seen couples where the man wants his wife or girlfriend to shoot (That is such a real blessing providing he does it with good intentions and love!) and the lady is not comfortable because she really doesn't want to be doing the shooting. I am not in anyway saying that you cant be there with your guy. Maybe just being there for him is all you really need, watching him. Here is my passionate note to you, when you read and listen to my advice
I am sure you will be a shooting star. I am here to help you, please feel freee to email me
There are also many nice shotguns to choose from if you take that mouse to:

Keep SMILING because I am. Sandra Jo Jack