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Poor reactions to missed targets and their effect on you!


Wrong reactions to missed targets.


Watching the targets of the squads ahead of me during a shoot allows me to see how the targets are set and the if the angles are correct. While doing this I also get to see some of the interesting reactions of the shooter’s when they miss a target! Some of them are down right funny and others are, at the very least, unproductive.


They include:


  • Flipping the head back and bending the knees.
  • Looking around to see if anyone saw the miss.
  • Throwing the offending empty shell on the ground.
  • Cursing in anger…usually with a head-bob.


All of these are amusing…but the net result of this is more missed targets. These types of actions will affect your attitude and concentration for the worse! A lost target requires no drama or theatrics. It’s already history and there’s not a thing you can do to bring it back.


You should remain calm, forget about the lost target and concentrate on the next target comng out of the house. Never change your routine, you need the positive energy your pre-shot routine gives you to continue to break a good score. You really only have to “super concentrate” for about 5 seconds for every shot. Keep focused on the task between shots and really work hard for the few seconds it takes to break the target. Think positive thoughts while you shoot and leave the drama out!


So go and have a positive, fun day with 100 straight in mind!


Keep smiling …. Because I am!


Sandra Jo Jack