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Break the target with your eyes!

Break the target with your eyes!
I was working with a student the other day and he was having issues with repeating a practice target after breaking it a couple of times. He would learn the lead and do it right 3 or 4 times then miss it once or twice...

OK, we have all done it but the question is why?
It took me a while observing my student when I finally noticed the difference. The intensity of his eyes changed dramatically once he felt he had the target presentation mastered. In other words he got lazy. It's hard sometimes to concentrate on practice targets...especially after you have broken it 3 or 4 times in a row. Your mind wanders a bit and your intensity level falls off and you end up missing.  Missing in itself is not the issue here. The lack of concentration in your practice is!

In order to be a competitor, you must be as intense during your practice as you are during a registered event. Its hard. If it was easy every person with a shotgun would break all the targets! Fine, how do you do this?

The last time I checked practice ammo and targets were expensive. Yes, it's fun to shoot clays because, just like we were when we were little, we like to see them blow up! But gaining important knowledge about our performance can be a fun challenge as well.  Plan your practice sessions and set some goals for each time you go to the line. Have a specific purpose in mind and remind yourself of that purpose during your practice sessions. Concentrate on each target with the same intensity you would have if it meant winning a tournament or championship.  Focus on each target with your eyes so you mentally see the target break each time you call. Break the target with your eyes!

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Shoot well and often,